Cheerful Home

March 24

We have been living in our sweet apartment for almost two months…and have been married for almost three! Our schedule and daily routine differs constantly. Some days, we go to work (nannying, Trader Joe’s, restaurants), others we spend waiting to sing at auditions. Yesterday, we started an acting class with the inimitable Richard Sabellico. We’re excited to see how much we learn and progress in the next four weeks!

After a long day, Arden Street has become a special place for us to spend time together. But with our house, there have been moments of struggle and joy as we have tried to figure out where furniture pieces should go and how to decorate our completely blank…grey…walls.

The first place in our house we wanted to get right is our entryway.

Winter coats removed strategically…don’t be fooled

Taylor made the wonderful mailbox as a wedding present. The numbers represent the day we got married, and a place where we can still write letters to each other. Thankfully they don’t have far to travel anymore! The amazing framed “clothespin board” from Magnolia is so helpful in displaying important announcements, cute photos and letters from our pen pals. It was given to us by Aunt Debbie and Uncle Joe…fellow Magnolia lovers!

Gabriella also created this calendar out of a chalkboard we found at Michael’s. She will gladly make you one!

So. Much. Happening.

We’re also really proud of our cozy living room that we have created.

Tiny fireplace…lots of warmth!
Wait, where did the sun go…

At our wedding, we hung our “Picture a Day” photos on twine as an accent wall to the dance floor, and we wanted to create the same effect here. It is a sweet way to display a ton of our silly photos at once. We also found the bookshelves on the side of the road in North Carolina! Go Wilmington!

A little shop down the street sells home items for under $10, and that is where we found our curtains. Nothing fancy, but they let in so much light! It is still a work in progress, but we feel comfortable giving it a rest for now. And snuggling up to watch The Great British Baking show on our couch…

Can you spot the Magnolia towel?

We’ve been whipping up new and challenging meals in this kitchen, and we have made it our goal not to spend money on eating out! We have succeeded on this…except for the occasional “dollar pizza” run. But we have been struggling with the lack of counter space and storage! (Oh, New York living…)

As you can see, the fridge is stacked high with fruit, baking supplies, and future planters for our “fire escape garden” (more on that later…)!

There is still room for improvement…any ideas are appreciated! We have been on the hunt for used wood to create floating shelves near our table. Taylor did find some perfect pallet wood boxes that we are using for a project in our bedroom.

Taylor plotting to win Ticket to Ride at our table

As you can see…grey walls…

Share your ideas with us!


G & T

6 thoughts on “Cheerful Home

  1. Awe…. love the spot for your board!
    We are so glad you like it!!!
    Everything looks beautiful! It is such a fun time during this first year as you incorporate new “finds” into you home.
    I just love when each piece in my home has meaning… significance.
    We love the mailbox that Taylor made…wonderful!
    I was just telling Joe last night that Joanna uses the word “texture” a lot
    So I’m trying to figure out how to do that as well.
    Thank you for letting us in your world! You two are the best!
    Love Aunt Debbie & Uncle Joe
    Ps… spotted the towel!❤


    1. Thank you for adding meaningful and beautiful pieces to our home! As we continue on our journey, we can’t wait to see what will take on new meaning and life! We can’t wait to see you sometime soon!


  2. Love. The “trash to treasure” elements being repurposed in your home. And, yes- it looks like a home. From the chalkboard calendar listings, your life journey together seems full of possibilities. Enjoy every moment along that journey.


  3. It looks wonderful, peaceful, and happy!!! To add some color on the curtains fabric due works wonders!! You should have your own design in a dime show. Love you both so very much!!


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