The Music Man: 2 Show Day

It’s a Two Show Day!

Greetings from Rhode Island! Currently I am working on a production of The Music Man at Theatre By the Sea in Wakefield, Rhode Island. I am playing the role of Tommy Djilas aka the misunderstood “juvenile delinquent” of River City, Iowa. It has been a really awesome and fulfilling experience thus far and I thought it’d be fun to share it with you!

We are nearing the end of our second week of performances. And today (Saturday) happens to be a 2 show day so keep reading if you want to see what that entails:

First on the agenda is waking up at the crack of 11:30 am in this awesome house: (it houses up to 30 actors. Half of which are in our company of The Music Man. We will be having 13 more roommates starting this Sunday due to the next production which is Beauty and the Beast. They start rehearsals on Monday)

It’s a house!

After making breakfast/packing dinner for in between shows, it’s time to leave:

Lorinda is stoked to ride the van! (She plays the Eulalie Mackechnie Shinn)

It’s about a 10 minute ride to the theatre and here it is:

That’s a theatre behind me.

When you arrive at the theatre you have to go in the stage door, for this production it looks like this:

The Stage Door. (Maybe we’ll repaint it later)

When you pass through you need to make sure you sign in so that way everyone knows you have arrived. After that (sometimes before) you are greeted by an awesome tech crew who arrived earlier in the day to set up for the top of the show:

Their black costumes are necessary to not be seen backstage so they can hide in the darkness to pop out and scare you in the wings…

At 10 minutes to “half-hour” (half-hour means that there is 30 minutes before the show starts) we have a fight call. Which is where you walk through all of the parts in the show where people get punched/slapped (in this show there are only 2 moments like this; so bring the kids!).

Post fight call it is now time to go up the stairs to my dressing room. There are 3 stories in the theatre. The 1st is on the stage level, the 2nd is where my dressing room is as well as a majority of others, and on the 3rd floor hosts a few others. As you can see, the stairs are steep: IMG_5967

I share my dressing room with 2 other guys, they are ok…

My new friends Dan and Mike. I tried growing a mustache for the photo. #onfleek

It’s nice because my dressing room looks out on the patio where all of the people coming to see the show hang out. It’s fun because you can see their excited faces and also hear sometimes what they have to say:

“Wow Suzy, what a show!” -man in white

While getting ready we will get a half hour, 15 min., 5 min., and a places call: it’s 5 min!

The Great Kate is our Stage Manager. She makes sure the show runs as smoothly as possible.

In the show, Tommy has three costumes. Here they are:


At intermission I normally take it easy and sit in my dressing room while staring at my pictures taped on my mirror:

“Hey Taylor, are you wearing eyeliner?” “What? Me? Noooo wayyy!”

In between shows I like to go and get my dinner and eat it in a quiet setting. Today I decided to have my pasta in the “Staff House” which is right behind the theater. While eating I read for a little while and FaceTimed with Gabriella who is back in New York hosting our parents. I get to see her tomorrow!!!

Back to the theater I go. And through the stage door:

You know what this is.

This time around getting ready is a little easier…. just have to do a few quick exercises and I’m good; watch out world here I come!

The first act went really well tonight! It also happened to be the night where the city was putting on their “Annual Fireworks Spectacle”. During the middle of the first act it sounded like there was a battle going on onstage. Don’t worry no one got hurt.

THIS intermission I decided to head on up to the “kids dressing room” to say, “hi”:

The coolest people in the show. Obviously.

Having kids in the show is a lot of fun for many reasons. One being that they keep us up on the times:

New Dance Moves!

The second act was very successful and after putting my clothes in the laundry it’s time to go:

I don’t smell. THEY do.

After the show we all pile back in the van and head home for a nice midnight snack, hot shower, and some SLEEP! But first a picture:

#Sea you tomorrow!

Some may say that we have the coolest jobs in the worlds. I would agree. Nothing is more rewarding to me than stepping into a world different than my own and experiencing the character’s journey firsthand, for the first time, and exploring new ways to see their world every time. With that being said I have had a wonderful experience so far here in Rhode Island, and look forward to seeing where these last two weeks will take me.

Gabriella and I are not sure where the next show will be, but we are trying hard to always be living in the present and at the same time focusing on the path that God has paved out for us

.Life is Good!


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