Fall Update


We are elated that fall has arrived in New York! Although we have only had a few days below 70 degrees, you can already see the leaves starting to change and feel a crispness in the air. Last year, we were in Florida during the month of October: wedding planning, preparing for Peter Pan rehearsals and making 16 “Beauty School Dropout” headpieces for my mom’s production of Grease. The year before that, Taylor was performing in Houston, while on tour for Peter Pan 360, and I was (again) in Florida, rehearsing for Busch Gardens’ Christmas Celebration. All that said, we are excited to be in a climate that actually changes with the seasons! I never thought I would actually be pumped for cooler weather, but it goes perfectly with the upcoming holidays, outfits with scarves and fresh beginnings.

As we move in to the next season, I wanted recap our life over the last few months.

First, our summer (in case you haven’t been following):

Taylor played Tommy Djilas in Theatre By the Sea’s production of The Music Man:


I interned for Broadway Teacher’s Workshop:


We also visited beautiful Lake Tahoe, California with some of Taylor’s family:

Griffin & Aaron both came to visit us in NYC:

We flew to Florida for a quick trip (Aventura first):


Then we attended the beautiful wedding of our darling friends, Marissa & Logan, in Gainesville:

& made another “quick trip” to Bradenton that turned into insanity when Hurricane Irma decided to pass right over us:

But we made it back safely at the beginning of September! So, what is new?

Taylor is now working for LaDuca Shoes! LaDuca is a dance shoe company, and many of the shows on Broadway have the performers wear custom shoes by LaDuca designed specifically for the show. Also, they sell character shoes for both men and women, which are handcrafted in Italy and recognized as “THE” shoe of the dance/theatre industry. We are both excited about this job, because I own two pairs of LaDucas, and they are amazing (I wasn’t paid to say this…).


I celebrated my “Golden Birthday”…turning 25 on September 25! Taylor planned many sweet surprises, including a “painting party” (which I have always wanted to do), decorated the apartment, took me to a fabulous pasta dinner and of course, we did a photo shoot with giant balloons. He also made me my favorite kind of cake: yellow cake with chocolate frosting! It was quite the special day.

We are also now part of the “work-study” program at Steps on Broadway. In exchange for working two nights a week cleaning the studio, we get unlimited $5 classes. Amazing deal!

On top of that, I am nannying for the same family I have been working for since February. They have three awesome kids, two boys 8 & 7, and a girl who is 3. Three to four days a week, I take them to their after-school activities, make dinner, read stories, and make forts!

Taylor also is a “manny” (male nanny) for a family that most of the year lives in Israel, but they come to NYC every 6 weeks or so. They also have three kids: two boys, 13 & 11 and a girl who is 8. The younger girl has her own nanny, so Taylor gets to hang with the guys and play all sorts of sports!

Of course, we are also taking voice lessons, acting class & auditioning!

Things we are looking forward to:

  • Apple & pumpkin picking (which we are doing this Monday!)
  • Decorating for Halloween
  • Hosting our first Thanksgiving

Wishing you a spooky & fun October!



G & T


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