2017 At A Glance

2017 was a very full year for us.

We started the year in Florida, finishing Peter Pan & Peter and the Starcatcher, and ended the year hosting our first Thanksgiving and Christmas in NYC.

In the midst of all that, we moved into our apartment, drove across the western U.S. on an epic honeymoon, performed, interned, nanny, manny (male-nanny) and found an awesome church (Redeemer Presbyterian, in case you were wondering)

Before we move on to 2018, I just wanted to highlight some of our favorite moments from this past year:


After our blissful wedding in December 2016, we still lived in Neverland until January 29! It was an incredible experience and we got the chance to work with talented, creative and silly friends, both old and new. We also spent a relaxing weekend in Miami at the Standard Hotel as a reward for the busy few months prior. We felt fancy and pampered as we lounged by the pool, went to the hotel’s spa and explored downtown Miami.


If you are an avid reader of our blog, then you know we chronicled our move and road trip up the East Coast as our first blog post: https://taylorandgabriella.blog/2017/03/18/our-move-to-nyc/

We are still so thankful to our friends who struggled up three flights of stairs to help us with all our stuff! Other “important” events included experiencing our neighborhood in the snow, baking A LOT of cakes, and deciding to take a picture after ballet class.


Board games, PB & Js, and taking frequent trips to Target were staples of March. A month filled with auditioning, nannying and working at restaurants, we didn’t have a lot of time to do many other things!

March did bring the celebration of Taylor’s 26th birthday! We saw two shows for free, went to the Bronx Zoo, and ate a ton of cake!


For a month that is supposed to be filled with “April showers”, the weather was pretty beautiful and we spent a lot of time outside. Taylor played in the “Broadway Softball League” on the Actor’s Equity team, which takes place on Thursday afternoons in Central Park. Both Griffin & our friend, Aaron, came to visit at separate times, and we had a wonderful Easter picnic in the park. We also took Aaron to his first Broadway show…which was Cats (the tickets were free). At the end of the month, we embarked on our Honeymoon Road Trip, which was the inspiration for us to start this blog. Some highlights can be found here:



(with a few posts in between)


After we finished the “road trip” section of our excursion, we spent a week in Southern California hanging out with family (especially our adorable nieces and nephews) and going to the beach. I didn’t take any other pictures at the end of May, so I guess we didn’t do anything of note…


June brought the visit of our friends, Marlene and Alyssa, from Florida. We showed them all the classic sights of New York, and even went to a few places Taylor and I had never been! Taylor also opened The Music Man at Theatre By the Sea in Rhode Island, and Taylor’s parents came to visit to see the opening weekend.

Taylor wrote a wonderful post about his experience at Theatre by the Sea: https://taylorandgabriella.blog/2017/07/02/the-music-man-2-show-day/


The entirety of July we had a busy schedule. Taylor finished The Music Man, and became the resident photographer/bag carrier for the visits of three sets of parents! Yes-three! John and Cindi (Taylor’s parents) finished their visit by exploring NYC and overlapped with Gregg and Olga (my dad and step-mom). We all went to the United Nations together (*see selfie). Melodie and Rex arrived to participate in the Broadway Teacher’s Workshop, see Taylor’s closing night of The Music Man, and we traveled to Governer’s Island together, which is just a short ferry ride away from Manhattan. What amazing views! Oh, and we finally went to Sardi’s.

We also visited the gorgeous Lake Tahoe at the end of July with some of Taylor’s family. It is one of our favorite places, as you can (hopefully) tell from the photos. Crystal blue water, hiking, camping and s’mores. You can’t beat that!


After all that happened in July, August felt like a slow month. One fun thing Taylor and I did was explore all the National Historic Sites in NYC-we had to fill our Passport book of course! Some sites I didn’t even realize were in New York, such as Grant’s Tomb.

Griffin and Aaron also came back to visit (they really like visiting us, huh?) and of course we explored new places and saw some amazing shows. We also met the tiny Amalya, who was just born to our friends, Leah and Chris, in July! Adorable!


Well, if we thought August was slow, September brought some excitement, to say the least. At the end of August, we flew down to Florida to visit family.

At first, it turned out to be a pretty normal trip. We started off in Miami, going to the beach, visiting the art walk in Brickell, seeing my Grandpa Joe (Dad’s dad), had some flaming sushi and took a road trip to Gainesville with our friend Daniel to our other friends’ beautiful and fun wedding (Marissa and Logan).

Then, we made it to Bradenton to visit Mel, Rex and a whole host of other friends and family…or so we thought. Hurricane Irma arrived and changed all our plans! Cancelled flights, boarding up the house, sold out stores and anxiety about where to ride out the storm loomed over the five days we ended up staying. Thankfully, no one was hurt (including the house) and all we had to do was some “light” debris clean up…

September also brought my “golden” birthday-25 on the 25th!


October was quite an enjoyable month. We went apple picking (FINALLY), made a lot of baked goods involving apples and pumpkins, and prepared for Halloween by creating masks out of tortillas.


November brought some changes, as I started rehearsals/performances of “Christmas Musical Memories of the 1950s” at the Shawnee Playhouse in Pennsylvania. The show was in a revue style: many favorite Christmas songs, with some well-known 1950s songs thrown in as well. The show only performed on the weekends, so I was able to come back to the city during the week.

We also hosted our first Thanksgiving (or “Friendsgiving, as we called it), and had a few friends over who weren’t going “home” for the holidays. We cooked our first turkey (22 pounds), mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, desserts, AND people brought food as well. It was a blast, and we loved having people over and celebrating friendship and things we are thankful for!


December brought snow, the closing of the show, visiting the GIANT tree at Rockefeller Center and our friends, Cameron and Emma, staying with us for a few days. We also spent a week dogsitting for Sugar, the cutest dog in the world. She belongs to our friends Stephen and Emily, but she holds a special place in our heart.

We celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple (and being in NYC), and spent Christmas Eve having a wonderfully classic Italian dinner at our friend’s house (THE Richard Sabellico) and saw the Radio City Christmas Spectacular on Christmas night! Even though it was quiet, we thoroughly enjoyed our little holiday together.

After Christmas, Mel, Griffin (again!) and his girlfriend, Sarah, came to visit, and boy, was it cold! We did manage to trek to quite a few activities despite the weather, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, going to the top of the Freedom Tower, seeing Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, and of course, playing in the snow.

Taylor and I also celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! Time FLIES!

We are really looking forward to what 2018 will bring, and are always seeking the next big adventure. Stay tuned…



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