Breakneck Ridge & Cold Spring

March 1, 2018

Last Saturday, we decided to take the Metro-North train to Cold Spring, NY (which is about an hour and forty-five minutes north) and hike the Breakneck Ridge trail, which overlooks the Hudson Valley.

Disclaimer: We actually started at this trailhead and connected with Breakneck Ridge later in the hike


About 35 minutes into the hike, and trudging through deep mud (why did I forget to wear my hiking boots?), we made it to our first viewpoint! We have never been to this part of New York previously, so we were taken in by how beautiful it is, even without the leaves on the trees. You can see the peaceful and serene landscape for miles.



After some huffing and puffing by me (hey, it’s been a few months since our last hike), we made it to the top! Hooray! It felt so nice to not wear a jacket…for the first time since November! I can feel spring is in the air.




We found this hilarious sign near the bottom portion of the trail, and we heeded its advice. Not only had we already completed a four-mile hike, we were starving and it was also starting to rain!






Yes, we will avoid further climbing

But first, we passed by these mysterious ruins…



Some perspective



It turns out these are the ruins of an estate built in 1917 by Edward and Selena Cornish. Newly married, they decided to move out of New York City, and build a mansion in the woods (he was president of the National Lead Company). They filled the house with friends, parties, and even had a pool in the front yard. Tragically, they both died within two weeks of each other in 1938, and since they did not have any relatives to take care of the property, it fell into disrepair. Twenty years later, in 1958, the estate was almost entirely destroyed by a fire. However, today you can still see the structure of how grand it must have been, including a fireplace seemingly in every room and on every floor! What a cool find. You can read more here: Atlas Obscura

After we left the woods, we walked into the heart of town…bee-lining for a restaurant we heard was amazing, called Hudson’s Hill. We hated it…JUST KIDDING, it was delicious!!!





We ate lemon-ricotta pancakes with berries, eggs benedict on freshly baked focaccia, buttery biscuits and gravy and of course, drank coffee. It was a feast.

Main Street of Cold Spring is like stepping back into a quaint, sweet time; all the buildings and houses are classic Americana. It was fun to poke around all the shops and do some window shopping.


On the train ride back, we decided that we are definitely coming back for a summer-time visit, which was recommended by our lovely waitress at Hudson’s Hill. Anyone up for joining the next time? We are going to hike some new trails, and maybe visit a few of the surrounding small towns.

Thanks, Cold Spring for a joyful and adventurous Saturday!


Jedi Simmons





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