Deep in the Heart of Texas: Part Three


Finally…we’ve made it to the end of the saga: Austin, Texas!

Austin was one of the coolest cities we’ve ever visited:

Delicious food trucks, artsy shopping, beautiful parks, and overall #hipvibes.

Check out where we explored:

IMG_1033 2

One of the first activities: take a tour of the State Capitol Building. Did you know (before reading the previous sentence) Austin is the capital of Texas? It was named after the “Father of Texas”, Stephen F. Austin.


The inside of the dome was so tall-it’s hard to see the perspective in this picture!


Check it out…a light that spells T-E-X-A-S!

IMG_1037 2

This is where the State Senate meets when they are in session. These desks date back to the 1800s; the first Congress in Texas met in 1836, just after Texas defeated Mexico in the Battle of San Jacinto.

University of Texas, Austin

Funny story: Taylor and I were meandering through the main building of UT, and someone stopped and asked if we needed directions. It ended up being the Chief of Staff for the President of the whole college! He took us up to his office, where we got to look out over the city! Special privilege, apparently!


IMG_1086 2

IMG_1050 2

The picturesque Colorado River runs through Zilker Park, which is an awesome green space in the middle of Austin. Even on a weekday afternoon, tons of people were hanging on the big lawns, having picnics and playing sports. It seemed like a nice refuge in the big city, and we spend a good chunk of the afternoon walking and enjoying the wooded surroundings.

IMG_1052 2
You can rent kayaks!
IMG_1053 2
Barton Springs

We didn’t go in, but Barton Springs is a freshwater pool that is 68-70 degrees year-round and is open to the public! The water was super clear!

IMG_1073 2

After exploring the city, we drove a few miles outside of Austin through “Hill Country” and found this gorgeous nook at Lake Travis. We could have sat looking at this view for hours…it was breathtaking.


IMG_1088 2

Of course, we found the famous sign the next day.

IMG_1094 2

We then walked around what is known as “South Congress”, which is the super artsy and cool neighborhood of Austin.

IMG_1102 2
One of many cool buildings
IMG_1108 2

IMG_1110 2

The original Whole Foods was started in Austin in 1980! We shopped around. It was a really nice store…but the best part was this sign.

IMG_1124 2
Everyone in Austin loves this water

IMG_1118 2

What a view! Looking out on the Colorado River toward the city.

Magnolia! (No, not the same one)

IMG_1122 2

These pictures absolutely DO NUT (ha) do this food truck justice…it is called Gourdough’s and they have the most gigantic doughnuts that have to be eaten with a knife and fork. We got the strawberry shortcake flavor, and it was delicious. Worth the wait in line. Unfortunately, my phone was dying, so we did not get to snap many photos of this great treat.

IMG_1121 2

Well, that’s all folks (of the Austin journey)!

In creating this blog post, I realized we didn’t take as many pictures in Austin as we did in the other cities. At this point in the trip, neither of us wanted to carry the camera so we could enjoy our walks. Either way, we had a magnificent experience throughout Texas, and are so happy we even had the opportunity to explore this new place.

Next journey on the agenda…London!!!!! We leave this Friday (July 20) and will be there for one week. Then we will be visiting family in California!

We also have updates regarding our time teaching at VBS, baking from Magnolia Table cookbook, and of course, all the adventures we have right here in NYC.

‘Til next time…

G & T


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