Oh, Hello Again


Between relocating from New York City to Southern California, traveling to visit family in Seattle and Florida, holidays, and Taylor performing in multiple productions of West Side Story this year, our blog has definitely found itself on the waaaay bottom of my to-do list. Excuses like, “I’ll work on it tomorrow” or “I forgot to bring my laptop to this supposed work session at X coffee shop” or “Our life isn’t that interesting at the moment” filled my brain each time the blog crossed my mind. As one of my besties (shout out to you, Kathryn) reminded me, Taylor and I travel more than most people, so it’s hard to keep up with where exactly we are in the world!

Looking back at previous posts, I’m reminded that we started this blog to essentially online journal and chronicle our adventures (and we’ve had our fair share of said adventures) since the last post in July. Maybe you don’t need to be fully caught up, since Taylor and I recently started posting on Instagram again (@tayloraaronsimmons and @gabisuze) and that seems to be the way people stay connected these days. But, before we embark on what I’m coining “Summer of Exploration: 2019” (I KNOW, I’M CHEESY), here is a brief recap of what has happened in our life since we left off:

August 2018:

  • Annual summer trip to Lake Tahoe! A family tradition on the Simmons side, this is quickly becoming something I always strive to carve into our summer. Tahoe is a wonderful blend of family time, jumping into crystal blue water, hiking through Aspen trees and of course, s’mores.
My name is Taylor, and I’m a daredevil!
Remember when I had pink hair?
Absolutely love these kids.
  • Most of the rest of August was spent working in NYC, with some fun visits from my Dad and our friend, THE Daniel Schwab. Notable event: pizza tour through NYC.


Update: Artichoke Pizza was ok…

September 2018:

  • Taylor went to Kansas City to perform the role of “Gee-Tar” in Lyric Opera of Kansas City’s production of West Side Story. I loved going to visit Kansas City, MO!705CCA65-517A-439B-9989-3B5179E65DE6EDA47322-6416-44F2-A9A7-3EE5D984FB85
  • I also got a chance to visit my family in Florida for my birthday weekend, which I wish I could do more often!

October 2018:

  • October was defined by enjoying NYC in the fall, watching the Rams (#RAMSNATION) and prepping for our relocation to SoCal. Also attended a “Visit Florida” event at a shuffleboard club in Brooklyn…see below:
Yes, this is a giant inflatable flamingo.
  • At the end of the month, Taylor went to the Peach State (Georgia) to play “Snowboy” in Atlanta Opera’s production of West Side Story (are you sensing a theme here?).
Hey, Snowboy (PSA, those are fake tattoos)

November 2018:

  • Had to say a sad goodbye to NYC, especially to the wonderful families for whom we nannied. That was a tough day; we have grown so close to the precious kiddos!
  • A month of travel, including Atlanta, Aventura, Orlando, Bradenton and then our eventual stop: Orange County, CA.
  • Thanksgiving happened too!
Man with Suitcases: A Still Life



December 2018:

  • Mostly a blur of getting acquainted with new surroundings, but Christmas at Aunt Kristi’s was a wonderful three day event full of playing Hearts, family kickball, eating Swedish delicacies (looking at you, Swedish pancakes with lingonberries) and had an unfortunate end when half of the family came down with the stomach flu. It will definitely be a Christmas to remember…
  • OH YEAH, we also went to the last Rams game of the season and we had an array of awesome visitors (Sarah and Griffin, Aaron)!
Not quite everybody, but a rousing game of kickball nonetheless
Classic sweatshirts
Of course there were matching PJs

January 2019:

  • Got to be a puppet dragon in Shrek. Enough said.
  • Ran my first 5K in Long Beach, CA! For one of my New Year’s Resolutions, I made it a goal to run a 5K race every month in 2019…so got the ball rolling!
  • You can’t keep us away from NYC! At the end of the month, we headed back to close up our apartment, audition, visit with friends, catch a few shows and freeze our buns off.
Our blood thinned quickly…
Goodbye, 32 Arden (I know, it says 28 above our heads, 32 is around the corner)

February 2019:

  • Taylor and the aforementioned Schwab took a cross-country road trip from South Florida to Southern California! Apparently a documentary is coming…will believe it when I see it (sick burn, bros).
Jumping on the highway in New Mexico!

March 2019:

  • Started the month off by flying to Tampa to be part of the sweetest wedding: Cameron & Emma Kubly! It was a fun filled weekend revolving around the beach, delicious food and quality time with friends. Oh, and two cute people getting hitched!


  • I also started work as the assistant to the director/choreographer of Mary Poppins at the Musical Theatre Academy of Orange County. The show is in June, so more to come on that!
  • We closed out the month with more pre-wedding celebrations, this time for my brother (Griffin) and his future wife, Sarah, who are perfectly matched in their awesome-ness. In addition to attending her beautiful bridal shower, we got to explore Seattle/Bellevue and I started an addiction to Five Stones Coffee (sponsor me??).
Lil’ bro
The guys were clearly ready…

April 2019:

  • Taylor headed out to Chicago to be “A-rab” this time in the Lyric Opera of Chicago’s production of West Side Story, and I was able to visit Easter weekend to have my first experience of visiting Chi-Town (do people really call it that?). More on Chicago in another post!
Look Ma, we’re on a trash can!

May 2019:

  • May has been a mix of visits to Chicago and trying to find the promised “California sunny weather”…
Opening night!


Oh and there have been some monthly 5K races sprinkled in there.

Summer is just around the corner and I am so ready for all it will bring. Thanks for catching up, and there will be much more to come!


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